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The Bank of England, London, England, UK.  The bank's monetary policies on interest rates and the money supply affect the value of the British Pound.
Downing Street, Westminister, London, England, UK.  The British Prime Minister's office is located at Downing Street.  A well known address in Britain and abroad.
The Internet and state of the art forex online trading platforms have made simulated foreign exchange trading a reality.  A forex demo account lets the user trade the forex market without putting his/her own money at risk.  The account offers real time market news, quotes, and executions of orders almost identical to a real account.
Signing up for a currency demo trading account is easy.  The majority of online forex trading brokers offer one month free forex demo trading with no obligation to open a real account.  Few others offer life-time free demo forex trading to allow users ample time to learn about the online trading platform and improve their foreign exchange trading before they open a real account with real money, and after.

A demo forex account also familiarizes a new trader with the power of leverage and the effect it has on the account's cash balance.  Some of the known online forex trading 
The Royal Exchange, London, England, UK.  The Royal Exchange founded in 1566 stands on the junction of Threadneedle Street and Cornhill in London.  It is the third of these buildings to stand on this site and was a meeting place for merchants until 1939.
The London Stock Exchange building in Paternoster square, London.
platforms/brokers that offer free demo trading:


Note that forex online trading platforms have different margin and account size requirements, and trading fees.  Do your research to find out which platform offers what you are looking for.  And keep in mind, demo trading with different forex trading platforms is an excellent way to do this research.
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Big Ben and the British Houses of Parliament, London, Great Britain.  Legistlations passed by parliament affect every aspect of social, economic, and political life.
Canary Wharf skyline as viewed from Cabot Square, London.